She decided to change her life. One morning she woke up, bruised and battered caused by the anger that she had towards herself and the world yet again. She had another rough night of drinking uncontrollably and blacked out, forgetting everything that transpired the night before. The decision was based on the fear that she was going to die, she realised that she was committing a slow and painful suicide. Yet there was something inside her that wanted to live. She wasn’t sure what this was, or why, but she realised that she did have a little light of hope burning in the centre of hear her that could not be put out.

Isla had a difficult childhood, she faced many challenges as she grew up. No one gave her helpful tools to use as she grew up. All she wanted to do was dull and mute the pain that pulsed in every bone of her emotional body. Her biggest challenge was to be intrinsically and fearlessly being honest with herself. This meant that nothing in her world would ever be the same again. Taking that step was the best thing she could ever have done for herself. She is constantly growing and evolving into a more spectacular version of herself daily. The growing never stops, and this is what the adventure of life, she realises, is truly about.

Isla is currently a Registered Holistic Counsellor and Reiki Practitioner. Her practice is in the Rivonia Medical, Sports & Therapy Centre,353 Rivonia Boulevard, Cnr Rivonia Rd & 10th Ave, Rivonia.



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The art of determination - Isla Stone

Introduction (Bio)

Isla Stone published her first book, “The Art of Determination.” On the 17th March 2020. Her book is based on diary entries that she wrote from the years between 2012 to 2018.

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The Art of Determination

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